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2022 Review: Do cycles work for stock market timing?

Are cycle analyses useful in financial markets? This is a valid question! The predictive quality of cycle analysis for market timing. Please read my 2022 performance review of key articles and projections we did ahead of time based on cycle analysis. I am often faced with questions like ” What is your performance?” or ” […]

S&P500 – Long-term cycles are rolling over – A view from the top?

Analyzing the S&P500 weekly from a long term perspective, 3 dominant weekly cycles are currently rolling over into another phase. Please check the chart and workbook:   Please check the interactive workbook: https://cycle.tools/workbook/D8jj4ng5Ov   Please subscribe to my substack newsletter if you want to get updates and news: https://beyondmarkets.substack.com/

MotiveWave Cycle Analysis – Cycle Indicators

MotiveWave Cycle Analysis Integration We are proud to announce integration for MotiveWave cycle analysis tools. The MotiveWave free Community Edition charting software has high quality charting, Replay Mode & built-in trade simulation. Popular technical indicators often react too slowly to changes and deliver shaky signal lines. If they are smoothed, the lag becomes greater and […]

Interim Market Update: Cycles speak a clear message…

Please review these cycle charts for current situation. Do you see the message? This is a special situation!   This daily cycles come into alignment with the longer, weekly cycles on the Financial Stress Index. To get the full picture, also read my article in the latest Traders World Magazine Jan/Feb/Mar 2021, page 44ff (Download […]

After 3 comes 4… ?

The S&P500 chart shows the dominant cycle with a length of ~175, paired with our key technical indicators, the Cycle Swing and the cyclical RSI. Please check the highlighted 3 situations: If all 3 indicators were in agreement, they indicated a subsequent downturn. Today, we observe count #4 of this signal.

How to use the cycle analysis API with Python

Call the raw CycleExplorer endpoint. The example will pull eod data from yahoo api first and send to the cycle analsis api to get current dominant cycle: Example output looks like: Dominant Cycle Length: 165.0 { “amplitude”: 146.00174004966559, “analysisEndDate”: “2020-05-03T17:02:20.6771012+00:00”, “analysisStartDate”: “0001-01-01T00:00:00”, “barsAvailable”: 0, “barsused”: 750, “currentPrice”: 2830.71, “cycleProfitability”: 0.75, “lastlow”: -5.6668009766674174, “lasttop”: -88.16680097666742, “length”: […]

Integrated data sources and available symbols

The cycle toolbox has integrated external data-sources for end-of-day datasets. It includes major global stocks, market indices, crypto-currencies and forex data. Major stock market and indices datasets The market type ID to get major global stocks and indices datasets is YFI. Use Yahoo Finance for symbol search. Example symbols are: Symbol Name Cycle Tools Symbol […]

The importance of cycles in predicting future turning points

Cycles are important. Cycles surround us and influence our daily lives. Many events are cyclical in motion. There is the ebb and the flow of waves and the inhaling and exhaling of humans. Our daily work schedule is determined by the day and night cycles that come with the rotation of the Earth around its […]

How to (re)format and prepare CSV data for chart import

Often, there is the need to import csv datasets to analyze chart data. This example focuses on how to re-format the csv file for correct processing. The csv import format needs to be ordered like DateTime, Open, High, Low, Close The current csv might look like this (Example) Date,Time,Open,High,Low,Close There is the need to re-format […]

The OMT Cycle is back in AAPL…

Do you remember our live call in March 2015? Where we showed the top cycle alignment in parallel to the “One More Thing” announcement of Apple? …Apple lost over 20% after this call during the next 100 days… Check here: https://whentotrade.com/one-more-thing/ or here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/apple-dominant-social-media-sentiment-cycles-lars-von-thienen/ It looks like the cycle is back an in alignment with yesterdays “One […]

Cycles Book Review: Kirkus Reviews on “Metonic” cycles

Our second series on stock market cycles looks to the stars for guidance. Read the Kirkus Reviews cycles book review for our strategy with heavenly bodies: “Von Thienen’s (Decoding the Hidden Market Rhythm—Part 1, 2014, etc.) second installment in his series on stock market cycles looks to the stars for guidance. Believing, as some do, […]

Get Your Daily Cycles Briefing

Tiered by your daily cycle analysis? Tiered in starting your charting app, loading the daily data, adding the cycle explorer….? We have ramped-up a new service! Registered clients (lifetime & inside) can now receive an daily cycles briefing in your inbox! The briefing has all updates on current dominant cycles for major key markets. So no […]