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Visit us at TradersWorld Online Expo #15

– June 2014 – Time is cyclical, not linear: Building non-linear predictive indicators based on cycles.  The presentation explains how to build predictive, leading indicators based on cycles. The session shows how to construct an cyclic-time based sentiment indicator and how to setup a 100% mechanical trading system. Performance results and statistical analysis will be […]

HOW-TO: Scripting AND/OR/IF rules to generate trade entry/exit signales

As the scripting engine was updated for performance reasons, AND/OR conditions must now be coded in mathematical terms. The follwing examples show how to code AND/OR statements to produce final trade entry/exit signals in comparison to the “old” scripting format.     Example 1 – Bollinger Bands Script: Old Version: SET BOTTOM = BBB(CLOSE, $N3, […]

Nonlinear Science: Evidence of synchronous, decadal to billion year cycles in geological, genetic, and astronomical events

Stephen Puetz has done a lot of work on cycles reserach and cycles impacting financial datasets. I highly recommend his book “Unified Cycle Theory” and his current work. He has recently published a new article in the Journal “Chaos, Solitons & Fractals” which aims to be a leading journal in the interdisciplinary field of Nonlinear Science, […]

MIT OpenCourseware: Learning – Genetic Algorithms

This lecture explores genetic algorithms at a conceptual level. Good stuff if you want to understand the background of a GA. I recommend only for colleagues with an engineering/math background. Not related to financial markets. Pure algorithm. We have implemented a Genetic Algorithm into the WTT platform. Please see our info page.

Cycles Book – Second Edition released

The content of the cycles book has been extended with much more live & realtime examples after the first release. The page count has increased from 240 to now 500 pages! Therefore, the content is splitted into two books. Part 1 is about Dynamic Cycles and Part 2 about the Metonic Cycles. Part 1 is […]

Academy: Dynamic Cycles Explained

Author Lars von Thienen The assumption that cycles are static over time is misleading for trading purposes. Dominant Dynamic Cycles morph over time because of the nature of inner parameters of length and phase. Active Dominant Cycles do not abruptly jump from one length (e.g., 50) to another (e.g., 120). Typically, one dominant cycle will remain active for a longer period and vary around the core parameters. The “genes” of the cycle in terms of length, phase, and amplitude are not fixed and wil

Cycles eBook Updated

Release 1.1 of the electronic “Cycles” book now available with updates according to the WTT Charting Platform tools. No new/additional content upgrades. Just the functional references and screenshots are updated based on the latest WTT implementation. See products section for individual download.

Existing Wave59 Cycle Customer Registration

All current Wave59 cycle customers can request their “Level 3” membership via a special item in the product section. This enables all current cycle customers which have bought the tools via the Wave59 bookstore to get access to all areas on this website including knowledge forums and the software download section. The provided membership level […]

Enhanced Cyclic RSI Indicator

The WTT charting platform has receieved a new enhanced cyclic RSI indicator application. The additional parameter options to the cRSI indicator provide additional procedures to apply the trading method as outlined in Chapter 4 of the cycles book: “Fine-tuning technical indicators using the Dominant Market Vibration”.   The new release will be available with additional […]

HOW-TO: Scripting – Combine different indicators into one signal

The following example shows how to setup the code for a combined trading strategy based on RSI crossover entry/exit signal which will be filtered by two moving averages to ony allow trades in the direction of the trend. This example demonstrates how to use the trade script language to combine different indicators. We will explain […]

Magazine Article: Genetic Algorithms & Cycles

Detection of dynamic cycles in financial data with a genetic algorithm TradersWorld Magazine Issue 56 Jan./Feb./Mar. 2014 Cycle forecasts have been traditionally made based on the current active cycle, where the detected dominant cycle is considered static and extrapolated into the future. However, this assumption oversimplifies the behavior of the market and often results in […]

Alex Bernal joined WTT team

Alex Bernal is now part of the WTT team I am happy to announce that Alex joined our team to provide knowledge and support to the community! He will take over the client support and knowledge moderation. Alex Bernal is a Chartered Technical Analyst with many years of industry experience in the Equity, Commodity, Currency, […]

Website relaunch

We did a relaunch of the WTT website. A new WTT landing page was added to give more guidance. In addition, we will host a seperate forum besides the W59 private forum. You can register and login here. The video library is still there with main content. A FAQ will be added later during the […]