Cycles in Bitcoin: How understanding cycles can improve trading during crypto mania

originally published Sept. 2017 in Traders World Issue #67, p. 95ff


Understanding cycles in emotional markets is critical for spotting market turns in advance. This article demonstrates the power and importance of cycles in the new era of cryptocurrencies. In the article, we provide real examples of Bitcoin from recent months of 2017 based on a dominant cycle detection framework. All major tops and bottoms in the year of 2017 for bitcoin have been spotted in advance by the dominant cycles toolkit. The article not only shows the examples, it also directs you to some tools and indicators which are public available.

[…] “The crypto-currencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum) have all been in a cycle-within-cycle bottoming alignment on October 5th 2017. The cycle phase for all three crypto-currencies signaled a “green” bottoming phase – indicating a long trade. These kind of cycles-within-cycles alignments in a related financial asset group is a very strong signal.” […]