Decoding The Hidden Market Rhythm

Book Series Overview

Part 1: Dynamic Cycles

Part 1: Dynamic Cycles
3rd Editon “2017”
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324 pages

+5 video lesson
+incl. Source Code

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Abstract / Summary:
A dynamic approach to identify and trade cycles that influence financial markets. This book reveals new algorithms to identify cycles that drive financial markets. Learn about how to properly detect tradable cycles in markets, how to use that information to improve technical indicators and how to forecast using cycles. Watch as we step through many trading examples using these tools.

The book provides solid knowledge on a new cycle analysis approach and ways to use it in the trading world. Included is the methodology behind the implemented tools along with concrete examples of how to put cyclic analysis into trading practice. This approach is different from traditional cycle approaches in that this is the first time that a dynamic approach to cycles has been presented.

The tools allow using the cycle analytics methods in different environments without coding requirements.

The newly revised 3rd edition comes with free ready-made downloadable source code and indicators for NinjaTrader, MetaTrader, C++, Excel and cloud-based API integrations.

  • Cycle Detection

    How to detect cycles in the stock market using algorithms that can deal with the special characteristics of financial timeseries.

  • Forecasting the next turn

    Static, semi-static and dynamic dominant cycle forecasting techniques.

  • Dynamic Cycles

    See why static cycle forecasts fail on the right side of the chart. Learn the importance of dynamic dominant cycle updates.

  • Sentiment & Inter-market Cycles

    Use sentiment cycles to spot turning points in the markets. Validate cycle forecasts with inter-market cycles.

  • Cycle Swing - Next level momentum

    Anticipate the next turn based on measuring cycle momentum with no lag, sharp and leading cycle momentum indicators.

  • Video Lessons

    Bar-by-bar video lessons for each chapter. Additional real-time forecast reviews and video guidance.

  • Trading Techniques

    Step-by-step trading examlples for daily and intraday on S&P500, Dow, Silver, Gold and Forex.

Part 2: Metonic Cycles

Part 2: Metonic Cycles
Second Edition “2014”
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> 240 pages
+ incl. open EasyLanguage script sources
+ generic pseudo code to rebuild
+ 65min. Geomagnetic trading seminar

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Abstract / Summary:
The second book of the series introduces correlations between markets and external energy cycles like gravity and geomagnetism. Digital signal processing techniques are used to reverse engineer Gann’s master cycles, resulting in a 100% mechanical cycle-based trading system that has shown a compounded growth rate of 20% per year over the last 30 years when back-tested using the Dow.

Part 2 introduces new non-linear indicators and reviews the significance of a cyclic sentiment predictor for the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index. To that end, using daily data covering the period from 1935 to 2013, ancient cycles are condidered as predictors to forecast daily sentiment for years ahead of time.

The forecast plotted as an indicator is transformed into a mechanical trading rule whose profitability has been evaluated against the Dow buy-and-hold performance of 1990-2013. The results suggest that trading based on recurring sentiment significantly outperforms the Dow in nearly all performance metrics, including net return, profitability, and Sharpe ratio.

Includes TradeStation / EasyLanguage code to rebuild indicators and use the trading system. Generic pseudo code and step-by-step guidelines included.

  • The Master Rhythm

    Correlations between markets and external energy cycles like gravity and geomagnetism. Understanding the master rhythm of the world’s first computer from ancient times.

  • Building the SuperPosition Wave

    Digital signal processing techniques used to reverse engineer Gann’s master cycles. Background of the recurring sentiment patterns.

  • Decoding market turns in advance

    Knowledge to deciphere market turns ahead of time. Decoding the superposition energy wave and building non-linear predictive forecasting models.

  • 100% Mechanical Trading System

    Pure mechanical cycle-based trading system that has shown a compounded growth rate of 20% per year over the last 30 years when backtested on the Dow.

  • Statistical Analysis & Verfification

    In-depth statistical verification analysis that demonstrates that the results are not based on luck.

  • Ready-made Trading Scripts

    Including all scripts and codes to rebuild indicators and systems to use with TradeStation / EasyLanguage code.

Part 3: Genetic Algorithm & Cycles

Part1BookCoverImage_smallPart 3: Genetic Algorithms & Cycles
scheduled release date: Q4 2014

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First Edition
approx. 200 pages
Page Size: 7.44 x 9.69 inch
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Abstract / Summary:

A genetic algorithm is a promising way to detect and follow the status of dominant cycles. It is a new alternative to using digital signal processing for detecting possible cycles. Akin to chromosomes in a genome, genetic algorithms will check possible cycle length settings for long, short, and exit signals. The genome transforms based on an evolutionary process that involves mutation, crossover, and survival of the fittest. Similarly, based on a random population of cycle genomes, the genetic algorithm will evolve to detect useful cycles at different starting points and optimize these cycles based on the rules of natural evolution. Each genome is measured against a special fitness function that simply checks the equity curve that would result if you had traded these volume cycles. The smoothest upward sloping equity curve will have the highest fitness score and the best rating for the cycles in the evolution process.

This third book of the series explains how to combine cycle analysis with the use of genetic algorithms to develop entry and exit scripts for real-time trading.

Preview Material:
Technical functions to apply the genetic algorithms combined with cycles are already implemented in the WhenToTrade Charting Platform. Current users can already “play” with the algorithm on their own. Please review the following articles prior to book release:

  • Genetic Algorithm Basics

    Genetic algorithms that provide solutions that are often more efficient, elegant, and complex than those produced by a human engineer.

  • Genetic Engineering on cycles

    How financial mathematics of cycles are encoded into a GA. A genome that contains a set of chromosomes and genes representing a sine wave cycle.

  • Population: Chromosomes & Genes

    Setting up chromosomes and genes to bring a “cycle population” to trading live. The basics of how chromosomes and genes interact during mutation, crossover and selection of the fittest.

  • Fitness & the evolution function

    Setting up a fitness function that rates the quality of each genome according to the trade performance based on the cycle parameters (sell cycle highs, buy cycle lows). Promising cycle candidates are allowed to reproduce and by repeating this process, strong cycle solutions can be discovered.

  • Detect & follow dominant cycles

    How the fittest candidates, representing the current dominant cycles, evolve and adapt continuously with the market.

  • Auto-build trading systems

    Setting up a cycle genetic algorithm to produce generic scripts for entry and exit signals.Transforming signals into any script language to build real-time intraday and daily trading strategies.