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WhenToTrade cycle analysis BitMEX datafeed integration
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Datafeed source library for the BitMEX crypto trading platform to integrate with WhenToTrade Charting and Cycle analysis platform.


  • Compile library or download pre-build library from release page
  • Copy complete build folder WTT.BitmexDataFeed into local installation path c:\wtt\datafeeds\
  • Restart WTT charting app and select new datafeed Bitmex from WTT login dropdown
  • Requests to BitMEX API are rate limited to 300 requests per 5 minutes. This counter refills continuously. If you provide no Apikey/Secret, your ratelimit is 150/5minutes.
  • Please create your API key via your BitMEX Account

How to write my own datafeed integration?

Use this repository as template. Change and connect to the datafeed of your choice. Rename the repository and copy the build output into the WTT installation folder like this repository. There are no limits!