MotiveWave Cycle Analysis – Cycle Indicators

MotiveWave Cycle Analysis Integration

We are proud to announce integration for MotiveWave cycle analysis tools. The MotiveWave free Community Edition charting software has high quality charting, Replay Mode & built-in trade simulation.

The following WhenToTrade cycle indicators are supported and included:

  • Dynamic Cycle Explorer (DCE)
    The Cycle-Swing Indicator is fast, clear and smooth. You get better timing, greater accuracy, and better signals.
  • Cyclic-smoothed RSI (cRSI)
    The cyclic-smoothed RSI indicator allows to use the dominant cycle length to adjust to the current market vibration to provide better signals compared to the standard RSI indicator.
  • Cycle Swing Indicator (CSI)
    Our Cycle Explorer allows to detect the current dominant cycle on any chart, any time-frame and plots it into the future.

The following chart illustrates the indicators on a MotiveWave chart:

MotiveWave Cycle Tools

You can download the latest package from our documentation here:

The MotiveWave integration will be discussed in our InsideWebinar 27 Feb. 2021. You can review our InsideWebinars here.