cycles webinar

Composite Cycle Vector – Sync with TradingView – June 2021

We are now able to export a composite cycle from the Cycle App…
cycles webinar

Auto-Tuned cRSI Indicator & Intraday Setups – May 2021

A key indicator for chart analysis is still the cyclically smoothed…

Dynamic Time Warping to capture dynamic cycle shifts – Apr 2021

Combining Dynamic Time Warping with classic cycle analysis to…

TradingView Cycle Analysis Integration – Mar 2021

Realtime back-to-back integration: TradingView Cycle analysis…
TradingView Cycle Integration

TradingView Cycle Analysis Integration Available

Our live back-to-back integration between the cycle analysis engine and TradingView allows you to monitor your favorite symbols with cycle detection.
cycles webinar
Asymmetric Business Cycle Skew Factors

Cycle Skew Factors: Asymmetric Business Cycles

The following article will present a proposed skew factor to account for the skewness impacting today’s economic business cycle in cycle forecasting models.
NAAIM Sentiment Cycles

Sentiment Cycles (Investment Managers) & How to share interactive workbooks – Jan 2021

Live January 2021 Inside Webinar. Content: Analyzing…
FSC Science Summit

In-depth usage on Cycle Scanner Settings panel – Session 28 August

This is the recording of the live session done in August 2020. Topics…
cycles webinar

WTT Webinar Series 2020

This is the archive of our recurring live webinars where we present…

Oil in Upswing cycle

Rise and Fall of a Crypto Star: How Cycles Predicted the Crash of Nvidia

Sentiment cycles can even play a more important role in market…
statistical verification bartels

How to (re)format and prepare CSV data for chart import

Often, there is the need to import csv datasets to analyze chart…
fourier cycle detection
cryptocurrency bitcoin

Tulip Mania or 10k target? How to analyze the Bitcoin hype cycle

Cycles in Bitcoin: How Understanding Cycles Can Improve Trading During Crypto Mania
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Cycle Indicators for TradingView – cRSI (HowTo)

"How To" video for the cRSI indicator for TradingView
cryptocurrency bitcoin

Cryptocurrency bitcoin data feed available

Start real-time charting of Bitcoin, Ethereum and more
Cycles API

API based Dominant Cycle Analysis – Excel Workbook

Example Excel Workbook using the CycleExplorer API

Bitcoin Realtime Datafeed

New experimental Bitcoin realtime datafeed As new markets are…

Trade Automation Interface

We have launched the first implementation of the Trade Automation…

Ehlers new “Universal Oscillator” as C# Indicator

John F. Ehlers presented the "Universal Oscillator" in the January…

Upgrade & Enhancemant of C# Indicator Interface & Launch Pad

The C# indicator interface has been upgraded Features: * Install…

New Function: Map Indicator Turns to Price Chart

Streamline your cycle research by mapping dominent cycle indicator turns to price charts quickly when dealing with cycle analysis.
Cyclic Time

Non-Linear Indicators – Cyclic Time Part 2

Today, according to modern understanding, time is considered to progress in a linear manner. Many theories exist on the nature, origin, end and other matters related to time. The article presents a cyclic module for automating the transformation from linear into cyclical time based indicators.
Genetic Algorithm

Genetic Algorithm Toolbox

Genetic Algorithm toolbox for financial charting and automatic trade system generation.
Sentiment Cycles

Sentiment: How Cycles of Financial Stress Pinpoint Market Turns

Understanding the sentiment cycles in financial stress is critical…
Sentiment Cycles Silver

Silver Market & Sentiment Cycles using PsychSignal

Using sentiment data from PsychSignal to detect dominant cycles in the silver market.

How-To: NinjaTrader – WTT datafeed sync

How to use the WhenToTrade DataStream datafeed to use realtime charts from the NinjaTrader plattform.

How-To: MetaTrader – WTT datafeed sync

How to use the WhenToTrade DataStream datafeed to use realtime charts from the MetaTrader 4 plattform.

HOW-TO: C# Scripting using “LvT Trend Indicator” Example

Example on how to use the C# scripting WTT interface.

Academy: Geomagnetic Disturbances and the Stock Market

The presentations shows how to decode the raw geomagnetic disturbances (Ap Index) and how to map the Ap index turns onto financial datasets like the Dow Jones Index.

HOW-TO: Scripting AND/OR/IF rules to generate trade entry/exit signales

As the scripting engine was updated for performance reasons,…
Genetic Algorithm

Trading Intraday Volume Cycles Using a Genetic Algorithm

Live intraday genetic algorithm cycles trading example on the emini S&P futures contract.

Academy: Dynamic Cycles Explained

Author Lars von Thienen The assumption that cycles are static over time is misleading for trading purposes. Dominant Dynamic Cycles morph over time because of the nature of inner parameters of length and phase. Active Dominant Cycles do not abruptly jump from one length (e.g., 50) to another (e.g., 120). Typically, one dominant cycle will remain active for a longer period and vary around the core parameters. The “genes” of the cycle in terms of length, phase, and amplitude are not fixed and wil

HOW-TO: Scripting – Combine different indicators into one signal

The following example shows how to setup the code for a combined…