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Cycle Analysis Workshop

Learn how cycles influence financial markets and how digital signal processing can help to build dynamic cycle projections to time future market turning points. This cource contains 3 lessons.

It is a basic cource for beginners introducing the main concept of cycles, dynamic cycle analysis and how to build composite cycle forecasting models.

Cycle Spectrum Analysis Fourier

Spectrum Analysis Explained – Behind the Scenes of Fourier

At the heart of almost every cycle analysis platform is a spectrum module.

Various derivatives of the Fourier transform are available. But which application of Fourier is the “best” for use in economic markets? This course tries to provide an answer.

Therefore, the course focuses on explaining the essential aspects in layman’s terms. Fundamental aspects on “How to read a spectrum diagram” are at the center of the course. Different Fourier spectrum analysis methods are compared in terms of their performance in detecting exact cycle lengths (“frequency” components). Learn what is important in detecting cycles in the financial markets.

Understanding the basic calculations involved in measuring cycle length, knowing the correct scaling, correct non-integer interpolation, converting different units (frequency vs. time), and learning how to read spectral plots are all critical to the success of cycle analysis and related projection.

Being equipped with this knowledge will allow you to have more success with your custom cycle analysis application.

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WTT Webinar Series 2021

Recurring live webinars on new features, cycle analysis techniques and live Q&A sessions.

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cycles webinar

WTT Webinar Series 2020

This is the archive of our recurring live webinars where we present the current features and discuss how the tools can be used as a collaborative session with existing customers.

Dynamic Cycles

What are Dynamic Cycles?

The assumption that cycles are static over time is wrong. Real world cycles morph over time because of the nature of inner parameters of length and phase. Typically, a cycle will remain active for a longer period and vary around the core parameters of length and phase. This course explains the dynamic behavior of cycles for real world applications.

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Cycle Tools App Overview

This course gives a quick introductions to the features of the cycles web application.