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Cycles warned: The worst first four months of a new year!

What a wave it has been! We are experiencing the worst first…

Cycles Technology being nominated for “Technical Analyst Award”

I am very proud to learn today that our cycle analysis technology…
FSC Science Summit
technical signals based on cycles in the s&p 500 index

After 3 comes 4… ?

The S&P500 chart shows the dominant cycle with a length of…
Markus Koch Wallstreet

Live Stream on current market cycles with Markus Koch

In my role as member of the board of the Foundation for the Study…
cycles book review by kirkus reviews

Cycles Book Review: Kirkus Reviews on “Metonic” cycles

Our second series on stock market cycles looks to the stars for…

Cycle Books are in Amazon Bestsellers Top 100 for Financial Engineering

Three years after our second edition of our book was available…

Forex Dashboard Snapshot

May 20 2017:

Get Your Daily Cycles Briefing

Tiered by your daily cycle analysis? Tiered in starting your…

Market Cycles Snapshot – Commodities Update

Reflecting the snapshot of 19th April, where we saw a top in…
code article

NinjaTrader CycleExplorer Indicator

How-To: Setup CycleExplorer Indicator in NinjaTrader

Market Cycles Snapshot

Here is a new short screenshot from our new daily dashboard view!…
Sentiment Cycles Silver

Gold & Silver Cycle Update

Dominant Cycle Update for Gold and Silver - Price and Sentiment…
Sentiment Cycles

Yes, we did it again – cycles rule the market!

Just please check this public forum entry where WTT users posted…

SPX / VIX Dynamic Cycles Snapshot

All In now (on the short side) [28th April]!This juncture was…

Upgrade & Enhancemant of C# Indicator Interface & Launch Pad

The C# indicator interface has been upgraded Features: * Install…

New Function: Map Indicator Turns to Price Chart

Streamline your cycle research by mapping dominent cycle indicator turns to price charts quickly when dealing with cycle analysis.
Genetic Algorithm

Genetic Algorithm Toolbox

Genetic Algorithm toolbox for financial charting and automatic trade system generation.

When Money Dies – Endgame Markers

Curated magazine articles on the topic "when money dies" about our monetary system and important events.

New Alert UI/Signal Distribution Upgrade

New layout offers more flexible options for signal view &…
Sentiment Cycles Silver

Silver Market & Sentiment Cycles using PsychSignal

Using sentiment data from PsychSignal to detect dominant cycles in the silver market.

New WTT DataStream technology released

WTT Update Release The new WTT feature "DataStream"…

Magazine Article: How to build non-linear predictive cycle indicators

How to build non-linear predictive cycle indicators TradersWorld…

Book review by Steve Puetz

I am proud that a well respected and leading cycle researcher,…

Version Update is now available

Check you account page to download latest version and change…

WARREN – A Siri for the Financial Industry

A user-friendly interactive research environment to perform sophisticated…

Market Review

Please read attached report.
Cyclic Time

Non-Linear Indicators – Cyclic Time Part 1

Why don’t we use the last n-bars of several years ago instead…

Financial Stress – Low Low Low Low Low…

The following charts show an alignment between the dominant cycle…

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- June 2014 - Time is cyclical, not linear: Building non-linear…

New Charting Module update available

We have added some enhancements and have released the update…

Cycles Book – Second Edition released

The content of the cycles book has been extended with much more…

Detect And Trade Cycles In Financial Markets – Book Series Overview

Flipboard online magazine extending the knowledge of the book series Decoding The Hidden Market Rhythm by Lars von Thienen.

Cycles eBook Updated

Release 1.1 of the electronic "Cycles" book now available with…

You can now load/save & exchange Genetic Engineering setups

You can now load & save specific Genetic Engineering scripts…

Existing Wave59 Cycle Customer Registration

All current Wave59 cycle customers can request their "Level 3"…

New products section and pricing model

Our knowledge and tools are available via our new products and…

Enhanced Cyclic RSI Indicator

The WTT charting platform has receieved a new enhanced cyclic…

Alex Bernal joined WTT team

Alex Bernal is now part of the WTT team I am happy to announce…

Website relaunch

We did a relaunch of the WTT website. A new WTT landing page…