Academy: Geomagnetic Disturbances and the Stock Market

The seminar shows how to use and decode geomagnetic Ap/Cp index for trading purposes. A 65min. seminar including live speaker video, presentation, trade signals, source data, generic approach on how to decode Ap data to predict trade signals.

The presentations shows how to decode the raw geomagnetic Ap index data and how to use detrending / cycle analysis tools to map the Ap index turns onto financial datasets like the Dow Jones Index. Presented on a traders conference in Las Vegas 2011.

First time a concrete trading approach based on the geomagnetic Ap/Cp index is presented.

Geomagnetic Disturbances and the Stock Market


All incuded material (including DLL, script and Ap data from 1930-2011) is available as seperate product for download if needed.

To get access to the presentation and Ap dataset, please click here.


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