HOW-TO: Scripting – Combine different indicators into one signal

The following example shows how to setup the code for a combined trading strategy based on RSI crossover entry/exit signal which will be filtered by two moving averages to ony allow trades in the direction of the trend. This example demonstrates how to use the trade script language to combine different indicators.

We will explain this example on how to setup the buy script according to the following strategy:

We want to generate an long entry based of a crossover of the RSI above the lower band. In additon to that, a crossover should only be valid if it happens in an uptrend. We define the uptrend based on a long and short term moving average. If the short-trem moving average is above the long-termin moving average, we define it as uptrend. If both conditions apply, the buy signal should be generated by the script.

Preparing the script:

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