New Function: Map Indicator Turns to Price Chart

Streamline your cycle research by mapping dominant cycle indicator turns to price charts quickly

When dealing with cycle analysis, you often analyse cycles on sentiment sources which are different than the price chart itself. You would have to map the cycles found on a senitment vehicle to the price chart manually to check wheter the cycle turns match to price turns or not. The new function will do this automatically as it helps to map any indicator turn from any chart to another chart of your choise.

So you will see just with a mouse-click wheter detected cycles on different sources match to price turns without the need to manually map from one chart to the other.

In addition to that, it could for sure be used to quickly visualize turns on any indicator directly on the price series. So with the indicator-on-indicator function you can combine different indicators to create individual one just with some moues clicks. You can now check the “performance” of your indicators visually by plotting the turns on the price chart without the need to code any script.

Video on How-To Use the Indicator Mapping Function


On top of that, you could review the detailed trade statistics by selecting the “Show Trade Statistics” checkbox in the indicator mapping window. And voila the performance results by trading the indicator on the destination chart will show you each detail you would expect from an performance report.

This feature offers the ability to plot indicators cross-charts and cross-timeframes. So you can monitor a 1min VIX cycle and map the trade signals to a 4min ES futures chart. Or you can track the cycle swing indicator on a ES volumne chart and map the signals on a 5min ES futures chart. All done via some mouseclicks without the need to code any line.

Show detailed trade performance statistics based on the indicator mapping

All of this without the need to code one line of script or wihtout any manual mapping from on chart to the other.

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