When Money Dies – Endgame Markers

Compressed timeline wrap up:

# Date Topic
1 10. Nov. 2014 German Banks Lower the Deposit Guarantee Scheme
2 12. Nov. 2014 Russia speeds up to Launch New Payments System to Circumvent SWIFT Network – new test date 15.Dec. 2014
3 16. Nov. 2014 G20 announcement in Brisbane, Australia – “A new agenda for financial services” or “The day money dies.”
4 03. Dec. 2014 Re-classification on how to rate gold reserves in balance sheets released at ECB
5 08. Dec. 2014 The mother of all bank runs – Gold Repatriation in Europe: Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Austria all bring Gold “home”
6 10. Dec. 2014 U.S. Treasury ordered survival packs for 3.800 bank examiners
7 11. Dec. 2014 Premiere: China asked IMF to include yuan as global reserve currency
8 12. Dec. 2014 IMF announced possible “Economic Reset” by slamming the door on the U.S. and the Dollar in 2015
9 12. Dec. 2014 Chicago Fed is “bricking up” ground floor windows
10 12. Dec. 2014 CME/COMEX puts new trading rules for gold/silver starting 22. Dec. 2014 – What do they know?
11 12. Dec. 2014 Spending package passed by US congress – U.S. public was sold down the river
12 13. Dec. 2014 Silent Launch: Microsoft accepts Bitcoin as new currency
13 16. Dec. 2014 Commodity Trading Giant Exits Physical Gold Due To “Lack Of Physical With A Documented Origin”
14 16. Dec. 2014 “Russians must get used to new way of life after ruble crash, says bank chief”
15 19.Dec. 2014 Houston, we have a problem.” – FED To The Rescue! There are no fundamentals anymore; welcome to the new normal.
16 21. Dec. 2014 Cenral Banks are secretly controlling all futures prices (Chris Powell)
17 22. Dec. 2014 Russia’s ex-finance boss warns of “full-blown economic crisis”
18 29. Dec. 2014 Eurozone: IMF suspends financial aid to Greece
19 29. Dec. 2014 Eurozone: Greek elections “tragedy” could end in utter ruin “Grexit”


when money dies

“When Money Dies”

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December 2014 News Wrap-Up (.pdf):

Attached is a pdf wrap-up of the December 2014 events in the international monetary system titled “2015 – The year money dies.”
Monetary System Dec2014 Events


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