Martin Armstrong on Cycles

Here is a good and short read from Martin Armstrong about the importance of cycles.


“The Shema Frequency”

Those who refuse to acknowledge that there are definitive wave motions within human society which materialize as cycle representing human interaction, are generally ignorant of the work in physics that applies to everything. […] It is time to open out mind and our eyes to a new age of understanding. Instead of the Atomic Age, we need to embark on the Cyclical Age as the next frontier of exploration.
Source: Martin Armstrong, The Schema Frequency, May 2015

Armstrong is the former chairman of Princeton Economics and is known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model.

His current forecast predicts that the economy is heading for the rocks, big time. After 1 October 2015, a sovereign debt crisis will occur, heralding a period of global upheaval to rival the era of the French Revolution. So far Armstrong’s predictions have been startlingly accurate.

He predicted both the stock market crash of ’87 and the record recovery of ’89, for example – pretty much to the day. Then, in 1999, the FBI raided his offices, he was arrested on charges of running a Ponzi scheme and jailed for 7 years without trial.

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