AstroPatterns – a scanner for astrological constellations

AstroPatterns is a a tool for quickly finding astrological constellations through the time. It is particularly helpful in the search for resonances between two or more dates. It is therefore a powerfull tool to look and search for recurring cycles and resonances between different points in time. The points in time can refer to important highs or lows in the market. You can check the power of these dates according to specific astropatterns and look out for dates when these pattern will reoccur. It also can plot scores for each day based on a given “birth” date. This can be plotted onto the chart to analyse the score of astrological patterns in correlation to market turns.

In the middle ages, an astrologer was busy with lots of astronomical computations — tasks like casting charts, computing directions, profections, solar revolutions and much more — before he finally could apply his “core competence”: the horoscope interpretation itself.

With the advent of computers, life became easier for astrologers. Today, there is an abundance of computer programs, displaying a astrological chart on a mouse click, together with all the relevant auxiliary planetary information. On another mouse click, the astrologer is served with a complete list of transits or even progressions, which would have kept him busy for hours in the mid of the last century.

But even with high quality astrological programs at hand, there would be still a lot of work involved if one would follow the outline of Alexandre Volguine: The horoscope computation being quick nowadays, I was missing a program with the ability to evaluate a large series of points in time, looking for some astrological constellation. This feature is important in many situations. To have it available now with AstroPatterns, opens the horizon of a more intense astrological research.

It is available here for free:

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