WTT C# Scripting Engine now available

A real C# scripting engine has been included in the latest major release ofthe WTT Charting Module V.3.4!

The C# scripting engine is based on native C# programming code providing a powerful and flexible model for

  • Custom Indicators,
  • Alerts,
  • System Backtesting and
  • Genetic Engineering


You can now feed the integrated Genetic Engineering module with your own C# functions and let the GA evolve the parameters for your C# functions. Or you can use the cycle functions together with your own trade logic coded in C# and now feed the GA engine with these rules to check the needed configuration against your own fitness function. Think about to let the GA module check the parameter combinations you need for your individual C# trade system logic on any chart. Or simply code your own indicators in C# to be plotted on the chart. Endless possibilities.

Example Screenshot from C# script editor:


Example WTT C# RSI indicator script excerpt

The inherent benefits of using a real programming language include: portability, unlimited educational resources and extensibility. You can now code nearly anything, integrate third-party plug ins  and extend the functions for your own needs.

Check you account page for latest updates and the forum for more news and details. Read updated WTT user manual/help file with instructions on how to use. Also watch the HOW-TO guide here in the knowledge section.

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