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New Charting Module Update Available

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Enhanced Cyclic RSI Indicator


cRSI Parameter Options

The WTT charting platform has receieved a new enhanced cyclic RSI indicator application.

The additional parameter options to the cRSI indicator provide additional procedures to apply the trading method as outlined in Chapter 4 of the cycles book: “Fine-tuning technical indicators using the Dominant Market Vibration”.


The new release will be available with additional upgrades during the next days via the standard update registration/eMail subscription newsletter and new download links.


cRSI Chart Example

HOW-TO: Scripting – Combine different indicators into one signal

The following example shows how to setup the code for a combined trading strategy based on RSI crossover entry/exit signal which will be filtered by two moving averages to ony allow trades in the direction of the trend. This example demonstrates how to use the trade script language to combine different indicators.

We will explain this example on how to setup the buy script according to the following strategy:

We want to generate an long entry based of a crossover of the RSI above the lower band. In additon to that, a crossover should only be valid if it happens in an uptrend. We define the uptrend based on a long and short term moving average. If the short-trem moving average is above the long-termin moving average, we define it as uptrend. If both conditions apply, the buy signal should be generated by the script.

Preparing the script:

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Magazine Article: Genetic Algorithms & Cycles

Detection of dynamic cycles in financial data with a genetic algorithm

TradersWorld Magazine Issue 56
Jan./Feb./Mar. 2014

Cycle forecasts have been traditionally made based on the current active cycle, where the detected dominant cycle is considered static and extrapolated into the future. However, this assumption oversimplifies the behavior of the market and often results in poorly estimated future cycles without consideration of the dynamic components. Thus, a successful cycle-based trading approach should allow the user to follow the dynamic component of the dominant cycle and adjust the cycle forecast continuously, similar to the way in which a geographic positioning system (GPS) continuously adjusts the projected arrival time based on current traffic conditions.

Genetic algorithms (GAs) could provide such an approach by tracking market conditions and adapting parameters dynamically over time based on the underlying dataset. The GA approach differs from traditional digital signal processing in that, instead of attempting to evaluate all possible combinations, it uses a process of natural evolution to determine optimal solutions. […]

Alex Bernal joined WTT team

Alex Bernal

Alex Bernal

Alex Bernal is now part of the WTT team

I am happy to announce that Alex joined our team to provide knowledge and support to the community! He will take over the client support and knowledge moderation.

Alex Bernal is a Chartered Technical Analyst with many years of industry experience in the Equity, Commodity, Currency, Interest Rate and Derivatives markets. He is known for his methodical approach to identifying key cycles, market anomalies, unusual order flow, profitable chart patterns and early trend developments for trading opportunities.

Alex has appeared on several media outlets, including Bloomberg and currently operates a private technical research and trading systems consulting company out of Santa Barbara, California. He is an expert in the use of a proprietary blend of sentiment, technical, derivative and fundamental analysis systems to recognize high probability trading catalysts, gearing more specifically to analytical techniques such as Elliot Wave, Gann, Cycle, and Harmonic Structure Analysis.

I am very proud that we get his knowledge into our community!