Social Sentiment Cycles have been “spot-on” for EUR/USD

Cycles predicted biggest 30 day increase in EURUSD ahead of time

In a public article on March 22th, we issued the analysis on the EURUSD currency pair based on social sentiment cycles. The EURUSD was following a long lasting downtrend for over a year and the important question on March 22th was if the current price action is just a “pause” of the downtrend and the start of a larger upswing?

EURUSD - Situation 201th March

EURUSD – Situation 201th March

We used our cycles toolkit to get a clue out of this situation and used the sentiment data provided by PsychSignal to check if there are dominant cycles active.

The dominant cycles showed a clear picture – we expected a bounce as sentiment cycle started to turn positive. This was posted in several public blogs ahead of time. 

Now, 1,5 month later – we have the result in. A sharp increase of over +5% just after our analysis.


EURUSD - Cycles Prediction Outcome

EURUSD – Cycles Prediction Outcome


The EUR/USD currency started it biggest 30days uprun since 2013 just after our warning. The long-term chart shows that we have not seen such an upswing during the last 2,5 years.

EURUSD 30days change

EURUSD 30days change


You can re-read our original article here and the PsychSignal blog post here.

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