New “Live Room” for private seminar sessions

We will move our monthly live webinars into our new own private live stream webinar room. This allows us to host private live streams with you in a private group.

Our new video room is available via the Cycle Tools app. See the new menu entry in the lower left of the menu panel:

The room will be open for 48 hours to allow review of the full session if you cant join live. However, I propose to join live as this will be the only chance to ask and discuss questions in the Live Chat panel.

We will continue our monthly live webinars! Please save the date. We will host the inside live webinar at each last Saturday of the month. Starting 20:00 CET.
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See you there!

technical signals based on cycles in the s&p 500 index

After 3 comes 4… ?

The S&P500 chart shows the dominant cycle with a length of ~175, paired with our key technical indicators, the Cycle Swing and the cyclical RSI. Please check the highlighted 3 situations: If all 3 indicators were in agreement, they indicated a subsequent downturn.

Today, we observe count #4 of this signal.

technical signals based on cycles in the s&p 500 index

Live Streams – Connect Your Favorite App with the Cycle Analyzer

The Live Pulse Streams feature allows you to connect each of your preferred applications with integrated data feeds to the cycle analysis toolbox. Updating and synchronizing data from a local or cloud-based third-party application with the cycle scanner analysis capabilities of our cycle toolbox is done in near real-time. As a result, you can perform near real-time cycle analysis of private data for any data set, time frame, and application.

How does it work?

You start your application as usual and set up your favorite chart, symbol and interval. Next, you run a prepared script and insert it into your application. This script will be executed after new data or a new bar is received. Immediately after receiving, this script will send a new bar to the cycle toolbox for further cycle analysis. You may open a special cycle scanner web window in a browser to see how the dominant cycle is detected and plotted fully automatically.

As a result, you can run your favorite symbols and intervals with your existing data feed, via for example TradeStation or NinjaTrader, and connect live data directly to the cycle analysis toolbox. The Cycle Scanner monitors the arrival of new data and updates the analysis automatically.

The concept is illustrated by the following illustration:

Please check out our updated cycle documentation with step-by-step guide on how to apply this feature:

Open Cycle Docs for Live Streams

Watch the How-To-Guide to see how to use:

Cycle Swing Indicator for TradeStation EasyLanguage

Please read here in our new digital cycles library for the full easy language source code of our Cycle Swing Indicator:

TradeStation Cycle Swing Indicator

TradeStation Cycle Swing Indicator

Click here for EasyLanguage Source Code

Cycle Synchrony – A parade!

Screenshot from the Cycle Scanner Dashboard on global indices, Aug. 19:

Markus Koch Wallstreet

Live Stream on current market cycles with Markus Koch

In my role as member of the board of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, I had a 1-hour interview with Markus Koch about the current state of the cycles, as shown in our Cycle Scanner. (55min. german session)

Whether in nature or in the economy and stock market, there are cycles everywhere. What exactly are cycles and how do you find the right time phase? What do investors do with the turning points that are signaled?

Ob in der Natur oder in der Wirtschaft und am Aktienmarkt, überall gibt es Zyklen. Was genau sind eigentlich Zyklen und wie findet man die richtige Zeitphase? Was fängt man als Anleger mit den signalisierten Wendepunkten an?


This is how the current screen looks (19. Aug). More details in the video.