Features Overview

Charting Module

The footprint of our charting module is small thanks to highly-optimized C++ code. It uses very little RAM and CPU, allowing you to use all 24 of your monitors.

Basic Features:

  • WTT Charting supports all of the popular stock chart display styles: Candlestick, OHLCV, OHLC, Heiken Ashi Candles, Darvas Boxes, 3D Candlesticks, Renko, Kagi, Three Line Break.
  • Smooth anti-aliased painting for all technical indicators and line studies.
  • Real-time automatic technical analysis updating.
  • Support for built-in Line Studies such as Ellipse, Rectangle, Trend Line, Speed Lines, Gann Fan, Fibonacci Arcs, Fibonacci Fan, Fibonacci Retracements, Fibonacci Time Zones, Tirone Levels, Quadrant Lines, Raff Regression, and Error Channels.
  • WTT Charting uses double buffering – this means you will see absolutely no screen flickering.
  • An unlimited number of series can be displayed in just one chart.
  • Data can be imported into the charting module from any database, text file format, or real-time feed.
  • Full support for Gregorian/Julian date conversions.
  • Windowing system allows users to resize, change positions up or down, maximize, minimize, restore, and close chart windows.
  • Chart windows are fully customizable – change height, colors, styles and more.
  • The WTT Charting component manipulates screen graphics quickly and efficiently without a 3rd party graphics engine. It uses one of the fastest stock chart controls available in native C++ code.
  • Zoom-in, Zoom-out, scroll-left, and scroll-right programmatically or via the keyboard or mouse wheel.
  • Supports trend line drawing, objects (buy/sell arrows, text, etc.) and more.
  • Export chart images to file (can be displayed on the web) or send to a printer.
  • Users can save/load charts, restoring data, indicators, colors, drawings, period objects and more.
  • Allows to add new types of indicators via the WTT C# interface.
Different display styles and flexible window configuration. Multi Window/Muli-Screen support.
Pre-configured templates day-/night styles available.
Individual chart and view configuration for each chart. Menu functions to import Excel and CSV data for individual plotting and analysis.
View Menu
View Menu
Chart Config Menu
Chart Config Menu
 Chart Settings Panel
Chart Settings Screen
Chart Settings Screen
Heikin Ashi Canles
HeikinAshi Bars
HeikinAshi Bars
Black Candles
Black Candle Bars
Black Candle Bars
3D Bar Styles
3D Bar Style
3D Bar Style
Volume Charts (Stick Bars)

(eMini Futures 8000 Intraday Volume Chart)

Volume Charts are very important to detect and sport dominant cycles based on volume

Volume Charts
Volume Charts
Range Bars

Offers the ability to monitor price range cycles with the integrated cycle tools.

Range Bars Charts
Range Bars Charts
Multi-Chart Windows

Combine Volume and Range Bar charts in one window to analyze different chart types with one view.

[Example: S&P500 eMini futures 8k volume chart and 1.5 Price Range Bars]

Range Bars and Volume Bars combined in one window